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Today an invisible threat is hanging over the major American cities. This is undermining the blissful sense of security which The story of the Philadelphia Experiment keeps intriguing peoples minds for almost half a century from the first reports on The madness that was the Democratic Republic of Congo during the period sprang in large part from massive, clandestine By the fall of , it was obvious that the war in Europe was in its final year.

In France At about three-thirty in the afternoon of Monday, April 30, , Adolf Hitler and his wife of less than two The piece of the Atlantic Ocean that became famous under this title is the focal point of one of the King Arthur: myth and history. Democracy Desperately Needs a Reboot. The insecurity of a new no-deal Brexit Prime Minister.

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US vs China: Smartphone Wars. Soviet lunar program. History mystery: Rudolf Hess' flight to England. Basic concepts in submarines' evolution. During at least part of the time, the Eldridge was "missing" from the City of Brotherly Love, the destroyer was said to have been transported into another dimension. Upon its return, most of the vessel's hand-picked test crew - all of whom had been left totally unprepared and unprotected - either "caught on fire," became literally frozen into the hull of the ship, went stark, raving mad, or vanished, never to be seen again. Much has been written on the subject, but this is the only account as told by the retired intelligence operative Commander X who reveals the story of Dr.

Jessup who discovered the incredible truth about the Philadelphia Experiment. He could have been invited to go on a mission into the future with the technology that had been invented. Or he could have gone dimension hopping, and he might have been speaking from some other realm much like Dr. Kueppers is said to have materialized in front of his daughter.

In closing we can easily say that the Philadelphia Experiment is not yet a "closed book. Authur Matthews lived in Canada and Tesla spent much time with him and asked him to write it. There didn't appear to be any mechanisms. They did all their maneuvering by "thought projection".

Commander X, The Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles

The ship appeared to be made of grey color possibly metal. It looked like two huge saucers put together rim to rim. Circling these rims about 20 feet away from the main body of the craft was an unsupported band of material later referred to as the "guide ring" which was not attached to the ship by any visible means and appeared to held in place by some magnetic force Penetrating the center of the ship was a tubular shaft 50 ft.

The bottom end of this large tube rested on the ground and I could see an opened doorway. This was a mother-ship and it carried 24 small spacecraft, ground vehicles, crew, gardens, recreation area, study rooms and a meeting hall. The Venusians were 5'6" ft tall, blue eyed, bronze sun-tan color and hair golden blonde to reddish brown. Tesla always claimed to be a Venusian - probably arrived on a space ship, "The x" as a tiny baby, or again perhaps he came as a "thought" projection. He was brought by the ship at the stroke of midnight on July 9, , but his birthday was recorded as the 10th.

He arrived in Smiljan , near Gospic in Lika Croatia. This is why he claimed that he was not born. Tesla would get his information in "visions". Frances said that "God's truest servants have lived by the power and guidance which came to them through their "visions" while they looked not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. This is how Tesla created his projects, visions which sometimes he sketched, even in the sand, then he just knew they would work and just assembled his project.

Then with Matthews he rebuilt it in and Matthews rebuilt it making it smaller and more streamlined. This Scope would emit a loud buzzing sound when the Venusians made contact. There are drawings and what it was made of in the book. After Tesla's death, Matthews was taken to Venus on the ship and also was given the privilege of using the Silver Ball Time Machine and saw the beautiful planet of Venus. The Venusians say that when you receive the messages, you will, like most earth people, doubt.

This is a strange things we find about people of Earth, their continued doubting. You believe in things and yet you always doubt.

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You spend vast sums of money pretending to bring peace on earth, when you should know that the only way is obtaining peace is free - Through Christ: LOVE, so why waste your money? Frank handed Matthews an envelope from Tesla with important papers concerning the work which he must now continue to work on alone. When Frank and Matthews finished their talk about the work of the future, Frances had to say something. It was Tesla's last message. Here are a Few of the last few sentences.

History's Mysteries - The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (History Channel Documentary)

When I have been saying that as one day of our lives is, so will in all probability the rest be, I am only insisting on the blessing of being able to take each unit of our lives as it comes, and making the best of it, making it perfect, making it ideal. One day well spent is a pledge for those that are coming. Abraham Lincoln said, "The struggle of today is not altogether for tomorrow, it is for the vast future also. Every day is a gift I receive from Heaven, let me enjoy today that which it bestows upon me, and tomorrow belongs to no one". There were many Venusians that attended his funeral also.

There is also a drawing of a space craft that Tesla designed. He built it in It is rather cigar shaped. The description says, self-propelled aerial-Sel-automator, devoid of propeller, and wings-and all other means of External Control.

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  5. Arthur Mattews lived in Quebec, Canada and Tesla spent much time with him, sharing their projects and contact with the Venusians. He also spent time with Margaret Storm, who also wrote a book about him. All of these books can be found on the web site of www. We have enjoyed reading it again as it has been about 20 years ago that we got them. Tesla's lectures and patents are so very interesting. I am sure not all of his things got back to his nephew in Belgrade who has made a museum in his memory. There is a list of all some of the bible verses that are descriptions of space ships and E.

    Also a bit about Jesus arriving from a space craft too. This was written by Arthur Matthews. According to the world at large, Tesla had strange ideas. He always thought he came from the planet Venus. He said as much to me, and the crew of a Venus space ship said in one of their first messages, that a male child was "born" on board their ship during its trip from Venus to Earth in July, The little boy was called Nikola which is the name of his family town, in reverse, on Venus.

    The ship landed at midnight, between July ninth and tenth, in a remote mountain province in what is now Yugoslavia. There, according to arrangements, the child was placed in the care of a good man and his wife. This message was first received by Arthur Matthews of Lake Beauport, Quebec, Canada, an electrical engineer who from boyhood was closely associated with Tesla.

    ISBN His home was about two miles from Biscayne Bay, which is a large body of water lying just southeast of Miami.

    The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

    Instead of taking the bus directly to school, he left the house a little earlier than usual and rode a different bus down to the bay. He got off at Bayshore Drive and 17th Avenue. The general area then was mostly a deserted stretch of wooded coastline with undergrowth, palm trees running from the highway US1 down to the water. The vicinity was later developed into a beautiful public park. He was quite familiar with the surroundings because he and his buddies would frequently hang around there on the weekends. It was an unusually foggy and chilly morning as he made his way down one of the many dirt paths that eventually led to the shore.

    There was a cool gentle breeze coming out of the southeast. As he neared the end of the path, he looked up and discovered that he was not alone.

    Standing directly in front of him, about 25 or 30 feet away, was a man wearing rather peculiar looking clothes. It was not unusual to see other people in these woods, so his initial thought was to walk around this person and continue on his way. He cautiously moved to within about ten feet of him and then something told him to stop. He just stood there motionless, looking at the man over from head to foot.

    The stranger did not move either, and stood there with his arms at his sides. He was slightly shorter than Card, who guessed him to be about five foot six inches tall and perhaps or pounds in weight. He could tell that the man was well built physically, for his chest muscles were apparent against his clothing. He appeared to be in his early twenties, maybe twenty five at most.