The Last Landscape

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Communicate your distinctive value -- grow your company -- and live a better life.

Landscape Digital Institute offers strategy-based solutions for landscaping, lawn care, and related local service businesses. We install and manage websites, SEO, advertising, social media, email marketing, and reputation management. Let us take care of digital marketing while you grow your business.

Landscape with Figures: A Scene from “The Last of the Mohicans”

As the founder of Landscape Digital Institute, my mission is helping you grow your business by combining my passion for teaching with proven digital marketing expertise and over two decades of experience as a landscape, lawn care, and snow and ice business owner. I served in a number of industry leadership roles before selling my company after 20 successful years in For the last decade I've helped thousands of green industry companies and many others with their digital marketing.

During that time my marketing blog has ranked among the Top Small Business blogs in the world. Now it's time to bring all of this home.

The Last Landscape | The Albert LaFarge Agency

The landscape industry has been the soul of my entrepreneurial career, and I'm guessing yours too. Ready to work together to make your business growth dreams reality? Despite the era of the s marked by Y2K, dot-com bubble and even meltdown, the Indian IT industry continues to adapt to the changes in the technology space very promptly.


Companies like Wipro and Infosys have set apart funds for exploration and innovation and building new competencies — either in-house or via the acquisition of Indian or global start-ups. IT industry is surely redefining itself and participating in digital transformation deals.

Compared to the services and project-driven work, the organizations are now taking shape of software product businesses. Indian Software Product Industry RoundTable iSpirt has been created to act as a dedicated platform for nurturing software product ideas and entrepreneurs.

There has been a change in the mindset when it comes to software delivery models. Large and medium-sized Indian IT firms are willing to collaborate with start-ups to gain niche field competency and provide quality solutions to the customers. Several large and medium-sized organizations have comprehended the value that the start-up ecosystem is bringing to the table owing to which the collaboration was initiated.

Even the mindset of global investors has significantly turned in favor of Indian technology space. Interestingly, Indian Engineers continue to be the most employable lot. According to the India Skill Report , Software and Hardware sector will see the most hiring in Technology companies are expected to pick up on hiring this year. That said, there sure have been changes in the employment patterns with rapid advances in automation technologies over the last few years.

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Fewer recruits and mid-level managers are required as repetitious processes are progressively being automated. The job profiles which the companies would be hiring the most for in are AI, Design, Analytics, Research, and Development. These are the outposts of what was once a larger pattern of forests and farms, the "last landscape.

Whyte, the place to work out the problems of our metropolitan areas is within those areas, not outside them.

Object - Thomas Cole, Landscape with Figures, Last of Mohicans

The age of unchecked expansion without consequence is over, but where there is waste and neglect there is opportunity. Our cities and suburbs are not jammed; they just look that way. There are in fact plenty of ways to use this existing space to the benefit of the community, and The Last Landscape provides a practical and timeless framework for making informed decisions about its use.