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Anderson followed. Where alarm bells would seem impossible to miss, Mr. He was thinking long term. He and his beloved wife of plus years, Gitti, who died in , had no children. Anderson and her children, he saw companionship in his waning years. Time passed. Then Geno met another girl. Needleman stepped up again. And when that engagement went south, and a third girl came along, he paid that dowry, too.

The Wife's Secret

Needleman was one of a group of guys who got together in Central Park every Saturday, fellow retirees from all walks of life. Others were less reticent. He also got an earful from an unlikely stranger. One day, his bell rang, and he opened his door to find a New York City police detective who told him he had reason to believe, based on another investigation, that Mr.

Needleman told him.

Needleman recalled saying at a later meeting with the detective. Anderson told Mr. Needleman that they should get married. On Sept. Needleman and Ms.

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Stern, the jeweler, served as best man. What are you doing? Stern said. The whole thing took maybe two minutes. The Needleman marriage was not a happy one. That ended with the exchange of vows. Anderson came and went at all hours. She redecorated the apartment that Mr. Needleman had lived in since he married his first wife in A hulking, faux-bejeweled white sofa arrived, with matching chairs.

Above them hung a new chandelier. It was just for show — she had not connected it to a power source. As Mr.

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Needleman watched the interior of his longtime home be transformed, more significant events were taking place out of his sight. At some point, Ms. Anderson had reunited with a man she had known since they were teenagers. His name was Danny Eli, but everyone called him Danny Champs. He resembled a younger Johnny Depp and wore a goatee. She secretly rented an apartment a few blocks from Mr.

Needleman discovered the second apartment and that his wife was seeing Danny Champs.

Enough was enough — first her odd hours, and the furniture, the bad food, no sex, and now this. He also accused her of stealing his money. The divorce was granted. But Ms. She asked him to reconsider and marry her again. She promised things would be better. And so on Aug. This time there was no best man. The relationship fell apart for good soon after, and by the fall of , four years after walking into his life on a street corner, Ms.

Anderson was gone. The situation involved yet another man with a long history with Ms.

They had eloped when she was 18 after his family paid her dowry. Everyone called him Gordo. Nicholas was apparently enraged — not over her marriage to Mr. Needleman, which was an open secret in their family, but rather her affair with Mr. Eli — Danny Champs — and her renting of the secret apartment.

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On Oct. Nicholas and Geno Anderson drove to Ridgefield, N. Eli lived and waited outside, watching, the police said. His house shared a wide common driveway with the one next door. In that house next door lived an assistant at a medical office named Charbel Chaoul, 28, and his parents. Chaoul wanted to be a doctor, and he was preparing to take the Medical College Admission Test in a few months. That afternoon, his sister dropped by with her daughters. Chaoul offered to pick up coffee and Munchkins. To an observer on the street, it would have appeared as though the convertible was leaving Mr.

Chaoul said at his home recently. He fled into traffic and struck another vehicle. He spent two weeks in intensive care. Doctors removed a portion of his skull to address the swelling in his brain. His head looked lopsided. Two months later, doctors performed another surgery and installed a titanium plate. Nine days after the attack, the police arrested Mr.

Nicholas and his son, with video evidence showing Mr. Nicholas fleeing the area and getting into a vehicle where his son was waiting.

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  6. They were charged with attempted murder. Finding a life partner who will do all these things and also create an anonymous burner Twitter account to mercilessly roast anyone on the Internet who dares malign your job performance is perhaps a bit further down the list, but as it so happens, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is an exceptionally lucky man. From the Wall Street Journal :. When National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell is under attack, as he so often is these days, forargument is there to fight back. On Sept. He is already doing this.

    You are behind. According to the WSJ , all 14 tweets from forargument since August were spirited defenses of criticisms of her husband leveled by media reports, and all of the entreaties contained therein apparently fell on deaf ears. An NFL spokesperson said that the commissioner didn't know about his wife's penchant for Twitter beefing.

    Goodell, a former Fox News anchor who doesn't have a verified Twitter account of her own—and who apparently learned nothing this summer from the social media foibles of Kevin Durant—seems to be taking this one in stride. Goodell said Thursday afternoon in a written statement.