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Discover how peaceful your drive can be when your tires absorb road noise in both wet and dry conditions. See warranty manual for details.. The Turanza QuietTrack is an all-season tire designed to deliver control in wet or snowy conditions and dampen road noise. Click Here for details. The Turanza Serenity Plus is a luxury sedan tire featuring solid performance in wet or dry conditions.

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Along with long wear life, this tire will deliver a quiet, comfortable ride. Go to Home. Schedule an Appointment. Shop for Tires. USA EN.

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Year Make Model Trim. Is this vehicle equipped with TPMS? The new Uber Black features debuting on Wednesday are available in 35 cities in the U. Meanwhile, social media users were already responding to the news of Uber Black's new "quiet preferred" option on Wednesday. While some people have already expressed happiness at the idea of an option to request a conversation-free Uber ride one person called the feature "long overdue" , some others said they either "wouldn't want" a quiet mode or they feel the feature could "dehumanize" drivers.

And, one Twitter user on Wednesday even tweeted about her experience trying out Uber Black's new "quiet" option which she described using the "praise hands" emoji , and she noted that she and the driver, in fact, sat in silence after some initial greetings though she notes he did spend time texting.

Uber CEO: It's time for tech founders 'to take responsibility for the content on your platform'. Uber employee No. Like this story?

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Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox. All Rights Reserved. Skip Navigation. Though new discoveries and new technology are being applied by manufacturers on a regular basis, there are a few general features that make some tires quieter than others. Tread blocks are the first area of concern when it comes to reducing tire noise.

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Highway tires tend to have varied and smaller tread block sizes, which help to eliminate some of the noise, though they give away a little bit in traction. Larger tread blocks, which provide more traction in all terrain, mud terrain and snow tires, but which create more noise. The spaces between the tread blocks are called voids. Smaller voids are used in quieter highway tires, because they help to dampen noise.

All terrain, mud terrain and snow tires have wider spaces between the tread blocks in order to get more traction, but they are noisier. Channel is the term used to describe the grooves which run the entire circumference of the tire tread.

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These grooves are put into place to help reduce tire noise and tend to show up on highway tires, but are absent in all terrain, mud terrain or snow tires, because they do not contribute to traction. Their shape can also make a difference to the noise level of tires. Semi-closed or sloped shoulders are found on highway tires and reduce noise levels.

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Open shoulders, which are typically used on all terrain tires are a bit noisier. Aggressive, open shoulders, which are nearly square tend to be used on mud terrain, snow and heavy-duty tires because of their ability to improve traction, but they add to tire noise. Though these four factors are the major components which add to or take away from tire noise, there are a few additional factors to keep in mind when it comes to tire noise.

Here are those factors in brief form:. Keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to make a better qualified examination of various brands and models of tires in order to find the set of tires which will best fit your needs. Better traction in snow and rain conditions and longer tread wear are features of these tires. They also provide lower rolling resistance for decreased friction.

You will get better fuel economy as well as better handling in wet or dry conditions with these tires. You are looking for an all-season radial, which fits a wider variety of vehicles maintains traction while reducing tire noise.

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You might not be happy with these tires if you have a more specialized auto. The addition of silicone to the rubber enhances tread wear and reduces pattern noise. Vertical ridges in the channels also help to promote snow traction. Twin steel belts help to absorb road vibrations caused by surface irregularities.

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