Organization Theory and its Applications (Routledge Studies in Business Organizations and Networks)

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Evaluating the Impact of Entrepreneurship Teaching Methods.

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Many studies in Entrepreneurship converge on the influential role of the family for the development of entrepreneurial intention Randolph et al. Other studies also show that the belonging to a family of entrepreneurs would also have a positive impact on the capacity one has to make a business grow Heck et al. Therefore, what is the role of business schools and teaching in entrepreneurship? Does this teaching have any real impact and, if yes, in what sense? There is a growing consensus regarding what an entrepreneurial ecosystem is, yet the implication for policy as well as entrepreneurial and managerial practice remain unclear.

This symposium strikes a balance between focusing on the entrepreneurial ecosystem concept but also opening the discussion to involve a number of EURAM attendees that are not directly involved in this line of research. By bringing together a number of experts that provide an overview of recent advances in ecosystem research, this symposium aims to provide a basis for future research and collaboration among participants.

In this interdisciplinary symposium, we introduce novel methods 'beyond Hofstede' that show how the study of cross-cultural differences and workplace diversity will gain from approaching culture in intersection, namely as involving the interrelated facets of culture, power and diversity. The underlying idea is that cross-cultural management is not power-free, and that diversity studies are not free of culture. For instance, the realities and lived experiences of diversity categories such as gender, race and ethnicity overshadow managerial practice in general, yet, their specific effects differ across cultures and organizations, and thus have to be studied and managed in intersection.

The method has already been applied in fields such as innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, international business, organizational behaviour, and human resource management.

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The goal of the symposium is threefold: Introduce researchers new to the method to NCA, give a platform to researchers who intend to apply NCA to discuss its potential for their research projects, and give a platform to researchers who apply NCA to present and discuss their projects. The expatriate management field has a lot to be proud of. Like other disciplines, the field now favours and rewards academic rigour more than any practical application - to the point of potential irrelevance Kulik, The symposium brings together a high profile panel of expatriation scholars to debate the provocative question of the " Ir Relevance of Expatriate Management Research".

How can our field stay relevant in a quickly changing world? We elucidate key developments in the field of expatriation.

The symposium presents insights on macro societal , meso organizational and micro individual and family levels derived from fifteen integrated mixed methods global mobility projects undertaken in various European universities. Three presentations 15 min each, covering micro, meso and macro-level expatriation issues and their links across these levels will be followed by a 10 minute discussion session led by one of the symposium organizers. A poster session discussion format encourages participation.

Connecting leadership, work-life balance and well-being literatures. Employee well-being is a hot topic in organizational life and research. On how to achieve more effectively happier workers, it becomes necessary to open the discussion on the relationship between leadership and HR practices that promote work-life balance. A new analytic framework for HRM is suggested for further discussion, giving priority to managerial actions towards well-being.

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Developing theoretical lens. Data-driven organizations are converting data and information into new forms of value. However, little is known about how this affects projects and project management. Project management research, or project studies more broadly, has over the years not only broadened its spectrum from isolated projects to project-based organizations and project networks, but also opened up towards developments in management and organization theory. Policymakers, businesses and individuals are actively searching for ways to increase innovation at all levels of society including individuals, firms, industries, nations, and regions.

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Shaping the future is a desirable possibility for most firms. The growing sense that we do not know enough about the distinctive processes by which firms shape the future serves as our motivation for the proposed symposium. There has been a surge of interest in abduction as a method in management research in recent years, yet many scholars are unfamiliar with abduction as it is not part of the standard instruction at Ph.

The aim of the symposium is to de-mystify how abduction differs from induction and deduction and to demonstrate how this approach can be used to enrich theorizing. Panelists will engage in a lively discussion of how abduction has been used in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods studies, and stimulate audience members to think about how abduction might be relevant for their own research.

Digital technologies have transformed business practices and the society faster than ever before.

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Thus, this symposium aims to provide a systematic overview of new digital technologies and their impact on digital marketing strategies by incorporating both academic research and industry insights. Migration is a key feature of today's managerial world. The work of G. Richardson has given insights into key issues and debates such as markets versus hierarchies, price stability, the economics of information and the concept of competition based upon differentiated firms.

This collection encourages further development of Richardson's themes. It will….

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By Peter C. The use of formulae has become widespread in recent years across most developed countries. Edited by Gerhard Bosch , Steffen Lehndorff. The rise to prominence of the service sector - heralded over half a century ago as the great hope for the twenty-first century - has come to fruition.

In many cases, employment in the service sector now outnumbers that in manufacturing sectors, and it is accepted that in all developed countries,…. The channels and mechanisms of knowledge flows define the links that make up production and innovation systems. As such, they relate directly or indirectly to all policies that affect such systems. Knowledge flows are also directly related to intellectual property protection policies and…. By David M. Adamson , Anthony H.


Organizations and Society: Historicising the theory and practice of organization analysis

The UK construction industry is the sixth largest industry in the UK in terms of turnover. During the last decade, it has undergone an unprecedented period of self-examination, including input from most of the leaders of the major suppliers and clients as well as from leading politicians, civil…. By Alistair Mutch. The brewing industry, through its network of public houses, has a profound impact on the lives of much of the population of United Kingdom. Exploring the shaping of this industry in the years from , this book shows how it has moved from being largely concerned with the technical issues of….

The performance of current transport systems is inadequate when viewed in terms of economic efficiency, sustainability and safety. By Bruce Chapman. Higher education rates are increasing throughout the Western world, yet at the same time, government budgets face increasing constraints. This has ensured that the importance of student support is recognized in many countries.

In recent years there has been a world-wide movement towards the use of…. By Simon Taylor. A timely contribution and incisive analysis, this is the story of the British experiment in privatizing the nuclear power industry and its subsequent financial collapse. It tells how the UK's pioneering role in nuclear power led to bad technology choices, a badly flawed restructuring of the…. Edited by Nigel Caldwell , Mickey Howard. This book examines the management of Procuring Complex Performance PCP in large-scale programmes that includes the downstream support phase in sectors such as construction, healthcare, transport, aerospace, marine and defence.

It brings together a series of edited chapters to explain why the…. Edited by Julia Connell , John Burgess. Over the past ten years there has been a massive growth in call centres worldwide. These centres are said to represent the most dynamic growth area in white-collar employment internationally since the mid s. Yet the footloose and global nature of the industry means that jobs will always be…. By Helen Lawton-Smith.

Universities are increasingly expected to be at the heart of networked structures contributing to society in meaningful and measurable ways through research, the teaching and development of experts, and knowledge innovation.

Classical Management Theory

Lynne Kiesling. Over the past 50 years the US economy has experienced economic dynamism and technological change at a dizzying pace, driven substantially by innovation in digital communication technology. This dynamism has had limited effects in the electricity industry, and institutional change within the…. By Emanuela Todeva. Although social, political, technological and business networks hold our modern world together, we still lack a good understanding of what business networks are, how they work, and the language of network analysis that we may apply to solve common, everyday problems.

This book looks at such…. By Patrik Aspers. Interest in contemporary cultural industries has grown in the past decade, as they take on a greater significance in our increasingly consumer-led society.