One Day at Horrorland (Classic Goosebumps #5)

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Goosebumps HorrorLand #11: Escape from HorrorLand

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One Day at Horrorland (Classic Goosebumps Series #5)

It tells the family that Horrorland is just one mile away if they are in for some frightful fun. Of course the kids are stoked when they see the sign and they coax their dad to head to the theme park. They find the theme park practically deserted and secluded, which is the first sign of danger!!!! The family is obviously freaking out at this point because GASP! They rushed to the main entrance where they are greeted by this monster who is green and huge, with horns and a purple tail???

Do you? The monster tells him that there are no phones whatsoever in the theme park, not even a payphone, and if they would like they could enter Horrorland and visit for a few hours while they figure out the car situation. Free of charge. So the family enters, and the amusement park is freaking awesome in my opinion. Like you could legit make bank off of something like that. Crowds would flock.

So anyways back to the story.

One Day at Horrorland (Classic Goosebumps #5)

They enter the theme park and the parents let the children go off by themselves while they search for the phone. The kids go off into the theme parks and ride some of the coolest rides again, this would make bank!!! I have ever heard of, or have ever read about. But be careful, because you could pick the Doom Slide, which makes you slide forever!

Goosebumps Classic: #5 One Day at Horror Land

They actually were probably on that slide for only 10 minutes, but they could have sworn it was forever. Being crushed into a square by mirrors is probably a fear for everyone and Stine captured that nicely. There was also the Barn of Bats, where as soon as you walked in the doors slammed shut and bats start attacking you.

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Or do they? Because as soon as the doors were opened there were no bats in sight. Maybe it was their imaginations??? Anyways they go on those rides all while searching for their parents which they eventually find. They decide before leaving that they are going to go on one more ride together, the Coffin Cruise.

Yes, you heard me right. You lay in a coffin and drift down a river. I kid you not, that is the actual ride. But of course in the middle of the ride the coffin slams shut and you are almost out of breath from screaming and crying, but still. A coffin cruise. Where can I sign up? Because the Horrors those green monsters from the front gates who are actually the only workers in the amusement park have padlocked the doors.

They are trapped in Horrorland. They have won a car and are free to go. An escape from the terrible Horrorland. All they have to do is go through some yellow door and they will be out in the parking lot. So the one minute starts and monsters and rabid pigs and all of these random things start attacking the family, and they all end up surviving the course. Because no one leaves Horrorland. At least, not alive. They are guided to this purple lake that is kind of like ooze where you are sucked into it as soon as you land on the surface of the pond.

They start deflating monsters left and right and make a run for it, where they find a bus in the parking lot that they steal and drive home. They arrive home to find that one of the Horrors has actually latched onto the bus and has followed them home, only to give them free passes to Horrorland next year.

Probably for the Horrorland aspect. I would love to go to some park like that.

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Minus the whole monster potentially killing you bit. That part can be left out. View 2 comments. Dec 14, Paige rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: All. Ofcourse, R. Stine has created a book that can give you nightmares.

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A family of two parents and two siblings, after losing their way to zoogardens, travel to a nearby amusement park that is in the middle of nowhere. It is called horrorland. At first, they thought the land was pretty good and it was free. Afterwards, the children and the parents were roaming around on their own and that is when the kids started to realize that something wrong was going on there. The screams of the people and th Ofcourse, R. The screams of the people and the crying parents seemed too real to them. They finally found their parents who eventually also thought the same.

They were in a game show, survived, and went home. Oct 21, Miquel Reina rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , horror , children , mistery-young-adult.

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The other day I was checking my parents library and I found this little book I read while I was still going to school. Reading S. Stine books is like a juvenile prelude to the books of Stephen King and the truth is that It's a great and scary one. View all 4 comments. It evokes all kinds of nostalgia vibes with the kids being on vacation and how they ended up on their own to have fun and ultimately survive all the Horrors at the theme park. I was able to connect with the kids and share in their fears throughout the entire book and I loved that!

The twist in this story was really cool too as I really had about 3 guesses as to how it would pan out - but none of my assumptions turned out to be true!

Bonus points for really surprising me in a book from ! I loved this one and highly recommend any Goosebumps fans to read this one if you have not already. It's some good, fun horror! Sep 17, Rue rated it it was amazing Shelves: teenage-read , teenager-read. This was the very first Goosebumps I read long ago. So I had vague memories of the plot. I loved the pacing of each twists mystery. Every chapter had some element that made me wanna read more.