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Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife and prevent loss of soil erosion. They help protect our streams and lakes by stabilizing soil and using nutrients that would otherwise wash into waterways.

Trees help moderate temperature and muffle noise. They give off oxygen and help improve air quality by absorbing some airborne compounds that could be harmful to us.

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Spending time around trees and in nature also reduces stress and makes us healthier. When students plant tree seedlings, they can see for themselves the structure of trees, learn what trees need, and watch them grow. Teachers can use the planting process to discuss the benefits trees provide while incorporating other subjects that their classes are studying. As seedlings mature, the young trees can be a continuing, personalized way of relating what they've learned in class to visible, living examples.

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Students become aware that they can play a role in protecting the environment through personal involvement in establishing a grove of trees. Ultimately, it is hoped that the experience will help them make informed decisions about conservation and use of natural resources. All schools located within New York State may participate - public, private or parochial; nursery, elementary, secondary, vocational, college or university.

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Any school-sponsored organization is also eligible. Planting can be related to a wide variety of scholastic programs - it is not confined to any given subject, purpose or age level.

We encourage planting on school property so students can be responsible for the care and protection of the seedlings. Each school or school-sponsored organization may apply once per year. Applicants will need to select one option from the species available, listed below. If you have questions about what species might be right for you or questions about this program, contact your Regional DEC Forestry Office.

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A forester will be available to advise you on the appropriate species of trees to choose and proper planting technique. The seedlings are 2 to 3 years old, about 4"" tall, and bare-root. They are light enough for young children to carry and plant. Select a shipping date at least 3 days prior to the planting date.

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Shipping takes place on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only. School Tree Planting applications are accepted year-round. Those received by December 15 will be considered for the upcoming fall September-December. Contact Information. Every fall we plant trees on public, public charter, and private school campuses. What to Know Before Applying: Interested applicants should propose a fall planting site and locations for ten or more trees. Before submitting an application, be sure you can : Obtain approval from the school principal or facilities department; Attend a project organizer orientation to review project requirements and logistics; Commit to a three-year post-planting maintenance plan.

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