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Perot insisted for nearly three months that he had pulled out of that race, he continued to spend heavily at that time to get his name on the ballot. Only this week did Mr.

Perot choose his Vice-Presidential candidate, Dr. Pat Choate, an economist.

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So far, public opinion polls suggest that his campaign has not generated the same curiosity or enthusiasm it did four years ago. Various polls show that Mr. Perot is the preference of as few as 4 to 7 percent of the voters, and even his paid television commercials have drawn ratings that are a bare shadow of what his wisecracks, aphorisms and famous charts drew four years ago. During the political season so far, Mr. Perot has shown no inclination to address the doubts that have been raised about him. Black, a Rochester, N. What is he supposed to say: 'I am not crazy; I am not unstable?

Perot ''wants to be a sort of climate-controlled candidate. Posner continued: ''He gets short-tempered. He knows he doesn't handle these questions well. So his solution this time is to stay above it all, and nobody yet seems to be raising a ruckus that he isn't really dealing with these issues.

But the questions are there. Here is a guide to many of them, with comments that Mr. Perot has made about them in the past. He declined requests for an interview for this article. On July 16, , still riding high in the polls, Mr. Perot abruptly pulled the plug on his campaign. He said he believed that the Democrats were responding to his campaign themes and that a three-way election would wind up being settled in the House.

Still, he quietly encouraged his volunteers in the next few months to maintain their efforts for him and to get him on the ballot in 50 states.

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On Oct. We gave them a chance. They didn't do it. About four weeks later, just as he was coming back up in the polls, he went on the CBS News program ''60 Minutes'' and revealed his reason for getting out in July: what he called a Republican-backed plot to disturb his daughter's wedding in August, in part by creating fake photographs of her that would embarrass her. The accusation, dismissed by a spokesman for President George Bush as ''all loony,'' was exhaustively researched by reporters and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who were unable to establish a credible basis for it.

Perot admitted on ''60 Minutes'' that he could not prove the bizarre charge, but he said he had heard it from reliable sources. The incident is treated at length in Mr. Posner's new book, which says Mr. Perot's chief source for the accusation was Scott Barnes, a twice-dismissed police officer from California whom Mr. Perot had spoken to on the telephone for years about various intelligence matters.

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Barnes now says no such photographs existed. In a recent letter to Time magazine, he expressed remorse over the whole incident and said: ''There was never any G. It was all a political hoax to remove Bush. Perot would not suddenly pull out of the race this year. King, paraphrasing the question, said to Mr. Perot, ''If there is a threat again to family, as you perceived the last time, would that cause you''.

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Perot interrupted. The incident hurt Mr. Perot's standing. Newspapers in his home state called him the Yellow Ross of Texas, and Newsweek put him on its cover as ''The Quitter,'' a headline that friends say galls him to this day. Perot's campaign was also beset by a controversy over at least three different explanations he gave for abandoning his Navy career in the 's.

Perot unsuccessfully sought an early discharge in , writing to his father that the Navy was a ''fairly Godless organization,'' and that he was offended by ''being subjected to drunken tales of moral emptiness'' and ''seeing promiscuity on the part of married men. Perot said he loved the Navy but had wanted to get out because ''the promotion system and the seniority system and the waiting-in-line concept were just sort of incompatible with my desire to be measured and judged by what I could produce.

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Then, in the midst of the race, he offered for the first time what he said was the real reason for wanting to leave: He said he had bridled at inappropriate requests for money and liquor from the commander of the destroyer on which he was serving. The commander, in interviews in , called Mr. Perot's assertions ''hogwash. Perot was subjected to withering criticism that he had changed his story about trying to get out of the service to make it more politically palatable.

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But he has ignored the controversy. Perot's public and political profile grew over his determined advocacy on behalf of American servicemen believed to be missing in Vietnam. But while political proponents of the P. Perot's campaign to take control of the Government's investigation resulted in a bruising confrontation with members of the Reagan Administration in the 's, including Vice President George Bush. Although the Administration had enlisted Mr. Perot's assistance, critics say he soon fixated on the notion that a Government conspiracy was thwarting him. Perot even argued that his life was in peril from a team of Black Panther assassins hired by Vietnam.

Administration officials say Mr. Perot also used questionable tactics to discredit a chief rival, Richard L. Armitage, a senior Pentagon official who had negotiated with the North Vietnamese about missing Americans and who was once Mr. Bush's nominee for Secretary of the Army. Using information from several sources, including James Bo Gritz, a former Green Beret turned right-wing survivalist and officials of the Christic Institute, a group that supports leftist causes, Mr.

Perot served as a conduit for assertions involving Mr. Among them, critics say, was information from an undercover police officer in Virginia suggesting that Mr. Armitage's friendship with a Vietnamese-American woman had compromised the Government's effort on behalf of the missing servicemen. Armitage of any criminal wrongdoing. Perot said he had done nothing improper and had only sought to turn over information of possible illegal activity to criminal investigators.

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Critics have also pointed to apparent contradictions between Mr. Perot's political statements and the way he has conducted himself as a titan in the business world. Perot has given to his own life story. The company, formed in , earned a fortune by running computer programs that processed claims for Medicare and Medicaid, the two huge Government insurance programs.

The business wound up with contracts with insurers across the nation; as the insurance programs ballooned in size, so did the company's profits. Perot's business savvy in setting up E.