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The reasons are not far to seek.

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The size of the book and more importantly, my own indifference significantly delayed the process of reading this precious book. Realizing such barriers could exist for others too, I thought of extracting a few glimpses from the Tamil book and presenting them as short, easy-to-read e-books in English language.

I propose making them in a couple of volumes to be released once a month. Stories about great men inspire us and contribute to our learning. The Tamil book on the life history of Maha Periva provided me a great inspiration and a valuable resource to attempt at writing in. Telerik Jul 24, Chem Rev Jul 24, Similar documents. Highsmith Grotto. Kanchi Periva Forum - eBook 27 - Kamakshi. Poverty, Equity and Health Research. We Need Your Support. Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and services.

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    What travellers are saying

    The assassination complaint against him has descended into character assassination. Never in the history of India has an institution of high reverence been so recklessly and disrespectfully dealt with. Compare this with what happened when the Islamic institution of Deoband at Nadwa revered by millions of Muslims was raided, by the Central and state police, in the s for harbouring ISI agents, an act endangering national security.

    The raid was called off midway, yes midway, and Narasmha Rao, the then Prime Minister, had to send two of his senior ministers, one a Hindu and another a Muslim, to apologise to Ali Mian, the head of the Nadwa institution. Senior Supreme Court lawyer Krishanmani, who represents the current Shankaracharya of Kanchi, Jayendra Saraswati, in the Sankararaman murder case, believes the seer is being victimised by people who may not be in agreement with his unorthodox ways, including his involvement in areas like health and education.

    Glimpses of India

    As far as the case is concerned, I sincerely feel that all the allegations are foisted on him. He is completely innocent. So far, there is no material evidence to prove his involvement. There is only one truth in the whole episode, there was some conflict between Sankararaman and the Kanchi Mutt. That is all. Everything else in the Shankaracharya matter is totally untrue -- lies to implicate him in the matter out of vindictiveness. Trial By Media? Giving him the benefit of doubt - By Tavleen Singh.

    Never in all my years as a journalist have I seen as shameful a trial by the media as that of the Sankaracharya of Kanchipuram.

    Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Kanchipuram - TripAdvisor

    Obsessed as most Indian analysts are with our imaginary war between 'secularism' and 'communalism' most opinion on the subject of the Sankaracharya's arrest has been polarised into one or other of these camps. Shoddy investigation. If the police can use the media to try, and condemn, someone as important as the Kanchi Sankaracharya can you imagine what they could do to an ordinary citizen?

    Why in the middle of the night? Why on Diwali? Nobody knows. For the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be from the state of Tamil Nadu and a media person having trained and worked in the city of Madras, now called Chennai. I have always felt that I am a proud citizen of Tamil Nadu, land of great saints and savants, freedom fighters and scholars.

    Thousands throng Sri Athi Varadaraja Swamy temple for a glimpse of Rajinikanth

    The state is now going to dogs, literally. Cry, my beloved India - By Francois Gautier. I am a Westerner and a born Christian, but even I am ashamed at what is happening in India since Sonia Gandhi , a Westerner and Christian, became the de facto ruler of this ancient and extraordinary country of million Hindus and million Muslims.

    Something terrible is happening here. On the one hand, you have the Shankaracharya one of the most respected Hindu leaders, arrested like a criminal on one of Hinduism's most sacred days, even as politicians who have more corruption cases against them than anybody else and others who may even have blood on their hands are made ministers and strut around with security guards in tow.

    The tarnishing of the Kanchi mutt's image is nearly complete. Will it ever be able to recover its sanctity, even if the Shankacharya is found not guilty?

    On the other hand you see a quack like Benny Hinn , who has no standing even in the United States, come openly to India, a country with an overwhelming Hindu majority, to deride idol worship and paganism and convert the poor and the gullible. The beauty of it all is that Sonia Gandhi does not have to say or do anything. Just being where she is, at the top of India's political hierarchy, is enough to ensure that her silent wishes are fulfilled.

    Everybody is bending over backwards to please her, even anticipating her wishes! The Benny Hinn show points to not only a renewed effort at Christianization of India -- something which even the British and the Portuguese could not do -- and a targeting of Hindu spiritual leaders, but also the Westernisation of the subcontinent.

    A Neurotic Chief Minister?

    He is also confronting a section of the state police, specifically, the SP of Kancheepuram who has been damned by the Madras High Court itself and who has had a non-bailable warrant issued against him. The Chief Minister of course has several cases pending against her with regard to acquiring government property and amassing wealth disproportionate to her known sources of income. So, which among these worthies is qualified to judge the Acharya? Silent Hurt of the Hindus - By S. Damodaran Disgusting Double Standards Millions of Hindus across the globe watched in disbelief the drama of the Kanchi Sankaracharya being arrested and sent to jail on alleged murder charges.

    However, the media, in India, has vaxed eloquent on "no one being above the law". But the reaction of the people at large was one of shocked disbelief. However, this time around, I think the media-secularist cartel have gone overboard and have made some serious miscalculations. But like most educated Indians, I am disgusted with the double standards the country is used to witnessing. But it is perfectly legitimate to put a Hindu divine figure, worshipped by millions, in prison on mere suspicion.

    That is their brand of "secularism". It is the considered view of millions of Indians that if we apply the law on them, their breed would be extinct in quick time. In post independence India, Hindu bashing is a favorite past time for almost every one in public life - including some Hindus themselves. There are too many instances to even recount. These pseudosecular politicians base their moves on the following logic. Hindu society is extremely selfish. Its innumerable subdivisions only make it easier to play the old "divide and rule" game.

    Secondly, Hindu bashing pays handsome rewards - from vote bank politics to media coverage and even "international respectability". The politicians may have brilliantly schemed a theatrical event to divide Hindus. But they certainly did not foresee the response to the arrest.

    Conspicuously absent, however, were burning of public transport and closing down of business establishments. Millions of Hindus all over the world grieved in silence, praying for the ordeal to end. The arrest rallied people from all walks of life. Former president R Venkataraman who broke tradition, former prime Ministers Vajpayee and Chandrashekar, were seen voicing their protest against the arrest.

    People who were not directly associated with the Kanchi Mutt, former civil servants, students, professionals in every walk of life, young and old, men and women, high caste and low castes have expressed their disgust. Never before have the Hindus risen silently to grieve a violation of their heritage. Unwittingly, the arrest has catalysed the coming together of this disparate and often incoherent body. There is also another miscalculation.

    A very large portion of the electorate is young - post generation. These youngsters and have grown up being influenced more by economics than "anti-Brahmin" rhetoric. In hindsight, the arrest of the Seer has made a very important contribution to redifing Hindu identity. Never before has the silent hurt of the Hindus found such unified expression.

    The author is a US based Banker. Outlook pronounced him guilty even before the trial! The report is based on half-truths and rumours. Innuendoes and baseless allegations levelled by known enemies of the math and the police have been produced with suitable exaggerations as part of a 'journalistic investigation'.

    The magazine has happily swallowed the Tamil Nadu government's version hook, line and sinker.

    1. The Understanding of Christian Faith!
    2. The Inn Game.
    4. Munich Scarf.

    Suddenly, the trigger-happy policemen who are devil incarnates while dealing with isi agents have turned into paragons of virtue. The 'secularists' vie with each other to speak for the 'human rights' of Naxals, terrorists of various hues and Bangladeshi infiltrators. They quote the fine print of law to bail them out of tight situations. Here, a centuries-old, respected institution has been targeted. In the process, a year-old diabetic seer who is revered by millions has been victimised for political ends.

    No questions are being asked. Because all this has the obvious approval of the 'secularists'. Much to Outlook 's disappointment, former president R. Venkataraman has condemned the treatment meted out to the seer. A host of religious and political leaders, across party, caste and ideological lines—including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, ex-PM Chandra Shekhar, George Fernandes and Mulayam Singh Yadav—have expressed their anguish over the framing of the seer.