Dont Bet on the Prince! How to Have the Man You Want by Betting on Yourself

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There are odds on all sorts of bets for the Royal Baby , but the biggest betting market is the Royal Baby name.

To find the best odds on the Royal baby's name, check out our top specials betting sites. Our mission at Gambling. All ratings and reviews are made independently of the operator by our team of gaming experts and with every company being fully UK licensed they can be trusted to offer fair play.

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Advertiser Disclosure Every online gambler deserves a safe and fair place to play. Royal betting is big business for specials bookmakers, the most regular market being the Queen's Hat at Royal Ascot, but when there is a Royal Wedding or a Royal Baby on the way, you can bet on just about anything to do with the Royal Family. We've put together a guide below on some of the most popular Royal Specials betting markets, where to find them and how to bet on them. This is by far the easiest way to bet on Royal Specials. You can bet online on mobile as well as on desktop, and many Royal Specials betting markets will also have special sign-up offers, like free bets.

In a Bookmakers Head down to a betting shop. Grab a betting slip, jot down your Royal bet and give it to the cashier. They will give you a receipt, which you will need to take back to claim your winnings if your Royal prediction works out. Environment Blame 'sexism' and climate change for making your asthma and allergies worse politics Can Andrew Scheer's Conservatives steer around Doug Ford?

Man bets his WIFE while gambling before allowing a friend and a relative to gang-rape her

According to Ladbrokes, punters are seemingly confident the Royal Baby will be born at Frogmore Cottage. Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Apati said: "We know the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are keeping things private but we're confident Meghan will give birth at home and have suspended betting as a result. Meghan and Harry recently moved into newly renovated Frogmore Cottage, as this will be their family home. The Queen did not attend hospital to give birth to her four children, so Meghan would be following in her footsteps should she elect a home birth.

What does God think about gambling? So, from the sacred to the profane; I can't advise you about theology, but I can about gambling. That seems worthwhile at the moment because gambling always increases during recessions and, everywhere you look, bookies are offering prices on the royal wedding. Never bet on facts, only potential outcomes. He knew. I didn't. If he hadn't known, he wouldn't have bet. Don't bet on things you don't understand. As anyone in a troubled love affair will tell you, "having an opinion" is not the same as understanding.

The people who make regular, solid profits from betting on football have spreadsheets of everything from the medical records of each player to the number of yellow cards in all previous fixtures. They don't "have opinions". They simply punish incorrect odds — or offer them. So before you seriously consider trying to pay your mortgage by guessing the colour of the Queen's hat on 29 April, ask yourself: how much do we really understand these people? I didn't realise how little I did, until I looked at the prices. I'd have said a thousand. But I know nothing about aristocratic fashion trends.

Perhaps black bridal gowns are all the rage in Tatler. I know how normal people think, which is why I can make a tidy income betting on The X Factor. Normal folk don't like the cold.

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I can't bet on anything you might do if you want to wear tweed on your honeymoon. The favourite for Kate's dress colour is off-white — but you can't bet on that generality. You have to choose between ivory, cream, vanilla, pearl, ecru, eggshell and almond.

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All sound the same? Then betting on it would break both rules, because it is both a fact no doubt the decision has already been made, and some people know it and something you don't understand. Bet on this only if you've already seen the dress, and you work for Dulux.

That looks like a great bet. She's 28 years old! But beware: there's no such thing as a free lunch. The bookies wouldn't offer that price unless they knew something. Maybe potential queens aren't allowed to have friends.

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Maybe, in the inner sanctum, Kate is known to hate everyone she's ever met. If you aren't familiar with court etiquette and Kate's social life, confine yourself to watching reality TV and betting on people with mass appeal.

Britons bet on new royal baby name — and Diana is top of the pack - National |

It's so much easier to predict. Because bookies usually know everything, the weirdest price on the list of royal betting is: "Next monarch". This means that the idea of Prince Charles stepping aside in favour of his son or, I suppose, of being outlived by the Queen has actually taken serious hold. It has become as likely as him not doing it.