An Age of Change (Poems of the Heart Collection)

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Shel Silverstein does this amazing thing where he takes everyday objects and makes them seemingly magical. I loved this poem because it gave me a new perspective about the simple sidewalks outside my house and made me want to write my own stories. He perfectly captures the way I felt at the time, lying outside in the grass in a small Midwestern town 2, miles from home under an impossibly blue sky, drinking in all the beauty and the new ideas around me as fast as possible. Alfred Prufrock" by T. Alfred Prufrock' by T. Eliot even more than I felt Smith songs. The end always breaks my heart.

She gave my friend and I this poem and I hated it. I was irritated that it was seemingly twice as long as the poems given to others and annoyed that it was wasn't modern in the slightest it's about a sheep shearer for God's sake. Needless to say, my negative attitude didn't help the exercise and it took my friend and I quite a bit longer than everyone else to memorize. Credit to my English teacher — she stuck with us and forced us and the whole class at this point to recite what we could recall every morning.

W.B. Yeats Quotes (Author of The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats)

I hated her for it. Time passed and we eventually pulled it off, albeit with a dirty taste toward Banjo Paterson in our mouths.

I left the school at the end of that year. A few years ago, the very same English teacher that forced 'Clancy of the Overflow' onto me died of breast cancer.

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I never knew she had it, or that she was dealing with it whilst she taught. I can't think of the poem or any of its themes without thinking of her and her persistence with us. Even though she didn't really have a big role in my life, she and the poem changed my life in so many ways. Just the thought of willfully surrendering your body to the river and accepting the fate of water under your heels is devastating. This was enough to make me think about my future - fearfully growing old and gray - which leaves me positively paralyzed.

That's why I love it.

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I had just moved to New York, on a whim, after a failed six-year relationship and dealing with a lot of sadness and thought, Fuck, now what? My uncle was also losing his battle to cancer and my family and I were dealing with the inevitable. This poem helped me through that time and still continues to resonate in my life today.

I hope it brings peace to some else out there. It feels utterly personal, like it's being whispered in your ear, but is globally applicable at the same time: It speaks of not having inhibitions about being entirely yourself. Read More. Biblical and classical references. Examples and explanations of some of the classical and religious allusions that appear in Shakespeare's texts Read More.

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Shakespeare's language

Poems by Philip Larkin. Related Content. More About this Poet. Region: England. Poems by This Poet Related. An Arundel Tomb.

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Dockery and Son. Faith Healing. High Windows.

Love Again. The Mower. Sad Steps.

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Sunny Prestatyn. This Be The Verse. The Whitsun Weddings. Wild Oats. Show More. Summer Poems.

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